Thursday, November 12, 2015

Merio's Mistakes This Week #6

I made many mistakes this week. First was with the rocket project which was difficult. I tried understanding the mechanics of rocketry. I could not understand many things and I failed but I never gave up. Eventually Mr. Delgado helped me out and I finally know how to do the math to find out the impulse. The next thing is the problem sets which are difficult and I did not know how to find out the density but I got some help and eventually knew how to do it. I knew how to find density but i forgot so I just needed a refresher and that's how I made mistakes, I learned and I grew

Thursday, November 5, 2015

My Mistakes this Wonderful Week #5

This Mistake I made this week is doing the inverse function. I never understood this and I will need a bit of help with this I messed up with the every time we tried doing the opposite i never got how to do that. With The other thing was the pre calculus in Physics and math where we have to find calculus or Impulse. I never understood it but In the end I finally got it because It because it was explained. I grew because I didn't know how to do any thing but now I understand the basics of this. Next time I will know how to do this and learned how to do this and maybe even teach this to others.

Monday, October 19, 2015

My Mistakes This Week #4

I made many many mistakes.It was open partition so we had physics and math at the same time. I did not do my astronomy well because we learned how to make rockets and we did many problem sets in a period of like 3 days. I had no time and People pressured me to do it quickly even though We have 2 weeks left .The rockets take time and patience . I made mistakes on the problem sets which was the thrust calculations and I fixed them. Next time I get this same problem and idea I will do the work and double check my answers and ask for help. This week I will try to change my actions and not procrastinate and do my work on time, which I usually do not do.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Mistakes Dis Week #3

What I did this week is the stewardship project, which is a project that we get jobs and get to feel how it feels in the real life. Mr Ko made us choose jobs so we get paid a monthly basis plus a new basis. I got no job, cause I wanted to be police but my mistake was I had my did not choose a back up job in case of I didn't get chosen. Plus we did start doing a bit of rocketry and I had no idea of what we were doing. So Next time I pick a job I will have at least have a back up plan just in case if I don't get chosen for one. I will keep this post updated if I did the right thing.

UPDATE: We have finally finished our rocket project and the stewardship project is really good. Our Rocket flew a good amount but it also didn't fail either. It was okay. The stewardship project is well. I am a manager and I feel like I am doing well now.

Monday, September 21, 2015

My Magical Journey this week ;) #2

                                What I Learned This Week

This week we did something awesome. We did the math emoji project. We had our ups and downs. We discussed our problems and in the end we made up and we worked very well. We made a very cool emoji that eats tacos but precisely spicy tacos with habanero sauce. We had to make up our minds but we still made it and did our work and we passed. I made a mistake, I didn't do my job well which was to make the math problems and to make them into sentences but I took the whole night and typed up the math problems but we overall finished.What I learned is that in every group no matter how smart you are or how good you are at something there will be mistakes, but in then end people make up and work together and finish even though its not their best work. People make mistakes and people learn about those mistakes, they try not to make that mistake and thy grow but they make other mistakes and they try not to make those too. That's how i did that day when we did the math emoji project.

Friday, August 28, 2015

What My Memory has Taught Me in Math Today. #1

In Class we did a type of thing that where you have to write everyone's name and remember them. Almost everyone remembered everyone's name but people still made mistakes. I made 2 mistakes. I felt bad not remembering those 2 people's names. The mistakes I made were that I did not know where Gilli sat and where Gustavo sat. The next day we did the same thing but this time people made less mistakes and I made no mistakes, i remembered everyone's name and felt proud of my self. I made None. I felt proud. I learned one thing and one thing only, You can't learn without making mistakes.